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1I live in CA or AZ can you ship apples to us?
Answer:  NO.  Due to new over reaching regulations we are no longer permitted by New York State to Ship to CA & AZ.  California and Arizona Department of Agriculture require us to keep apples in cold storage for 30-45 days before we can begin shipping them. 
Just as the season has started they are requiring Farmers to use electronic monitoring of temperatures in our coolers.  Which we are not set up for at this time.  Feel free to complain the NYS, CA, and AZ. 

2.  If you are running late doing your Apple Shopping when ordering a product just look at your different options to ship apples.  Click Here To See The UPS Ground Shipping Chart.
3.  Shipping Charges are calculated before you are asked for any credit card information.  This gives you the opportunity to see what the shipping will be.

4.  You have to remember that UPS comes once a day to pick up at our facilities sometime between 12 PM & 6 PM.  While it is a nice thought we have no ability to receive an order at for example at 5 PM, pack your apples, prepare a letter, a shipping invoice and send it the same day.  So if you pick next day air for example please consider that it takes till the next day to prepare your package and get it picked up by UPS.  UPS does not count the day it leaves and does not count weekends or Holidays.  We do not offer any options that include Saturday delivery but can research the cost for you if need be.

All attempts are made that any orders made the day before will be sent out the next day unless you have requested something different or if it makes no sense to send your package.    If you are sending a package to Florida as an example it takes a full four days.  If we send it out on Friday it will not get to Florida until Thursday the next week so we would send this package on Monday arriving in Florida on Friday as to not have your package sit over the weekend.  If you are shipping to NY and you order on Wednesday lets say at 5 PM we would send that package Thursday and it would arrive on Friday.  Please NOTE:  Unless you instruct us otherwise our fulfillment people will use the common sense and good judgment approach when sending your package.  We are a small company that takes pride in sending your apples and will always do what is right.

5.  See our UPS Shipping Chart to determine how many days it takes for your package to arrive UPS ground.  Theses days are counted starting the day after they leave or facility.  So if it is (2) days and you order on Monday, it leaves our facility on Tuesday, the package would arrive on Thursday.

6.  If your shipping to NY, VT, Northern PA, MA just choose UPS ground as it is only a 1 Day ship time.  (UPS Ground Suggested)

7.  If your shipping to DE, IL, ME, NH, OH, IN,  KY, NJ, PA, VA, WI, WV these are still only 2 days shipping. (UPS Ground Suggested)

8. If your shipping to the West Coast AZ, CA, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, WA, WY, UT its a full (5) days and we ship it on Monday it will not arrive until the next Monday.  Certain apples do ok that long in shipment but we would suggest (3) Day Select, Especially during Winter months..  (3 Day Select)

9.  States in between that take between 3-4 days we would probably recommend just UPS Ground.

10.  MILITARY APO addresses "Operation Apple".  We can ship to any APO/FPO around the world and send them Priority Mail.  Our shipping system within the order will not accept APO/FPO addresses so just pick the $0 Military shipping option.  We pay all shipping charges for any orders going to any Military address. This can range from $12-$25. We have added a way on our site where our customers can contribute towards sending packages to our Military people oversees "Operation Apple" Click Here.

11.  6-12-18-25-50-75 Counts are gift boxes.  The gift boxes have a foam insert to make sure your apples arrive with no bruises.  Jumbo-64-72-80-100-120 Counts are cases and are designed to be put 42 to a pallet go on an air ride trailer and get delivered to grocery stores but we offer them to you the consumer in an attempt to save you money.  Shipping in "case" lots runs a risk of bruising which we explain that if the UPS people toss the case once you will most likely receive apples with bruises the size of a quarter on an estimated 60% of the apples.  If you want apples to arrive with no bruises guaranteed then please order a gift box if  you or more concerned with price and don't mind the risk than order them by the case.

12. During the cold winter months of December, January, February we may have to delay shipment of your apples due to the weather. We look at not only our weather but the temperatures between our facility and your shipping address. If you receive apples that have been frozen may look shriveled up thawing or maybe look just fine.

Have more questions email us at or call us at (518) 695-4517.

Have other questions you don't see below Click Here to review our Frequently asked Questions or email us at .

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