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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS
Apples 2015

Honeycrisp Apple. Questions
Answer:  Sure.  Just call our office at 518-695-4517 or send us a fax 518-695-5718 or send us an email at fruit@Honeycrisp.Com.  Carrier Pigeons have never seemed to work well.  If you get our voice mail don't panic.  Just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We are probably out looking at your apples.

Question:  I thought I ordered and having nothing in my basket what do I do?
Answer:  Go back pick the item you would like to order.  When on the screen where you can put in special instructions, message to recipient, make sure you click "Click Here To Continue" before checking out.

Question:  I live in CA or AZ can you ship apples to us?
Answer:  NO.  Due to new over reaching regulations we are no longer permited by New York State to Ship to CA & AZ.  Just as the season has started they are requiring Farmers to use electronic monitoring of tempertures in our coolers.  Feel free to complain the NYS, CA, and AZ.  California and Arizona Department of Agriculture require us to keep apples in cold storage for 30-45 days before we can begin shipping them. 

Question:  What are your gift boxes like?
Answer:  Our apple gift boxes are a white corrugated apple gift box with a FOAM insert.  The foam insert has an individual round hole for each apple.  Some other companies use a cardboard insert, a little fake grass and a cardboard sleeve.  Just always remember you get what you pay for.

Question:  What are the 40lb cases and why do you state "Some Risk of Bruising"?
Answer:  We offer Honeycrisp in 40lb cases both fancy and extra fancy to again try to give the consumer a more affordable way of getting Honeycrisp to their door to satisfy their Crunch craving.  These cases are really designed to be shipped to the Supermarket stacked on a pallet and traveling on an air ride truck.  If someone at UPS decides to give the case a toss your will receive apples with a bruise the size of a quarter (as reported by other customers).  Generally the apples arrive in great shape and we have customers re-order again and again.   However there is a difference between bruising and destroyed!  Any question just give us a call.
Question:   You offer Extra Fancy and Fancy Grade and Utility Grade in Honeycrisp what is the difference?
Answer:   These are USDA grades and the reason we offer two grades in Honeycrisp is due to the fact that Honeycrisp is more expensive.
This is to give our Honeycrisp Crunchers a break in the price. 
Extra Fancy is what we would send to the Chain Store and is perfect color, shape and condition. These would be utilized for a gift.
Fancy Grade could have a minor blemish (never broken skin), lower in color or be misshapen.  It is of our opinion that if you are ordering them for you and the family then save yourself the $10 and get the Fancy Grade.  If you are sending them as a gift or just love perfect apples order the Extra Fancy.
Utility Grade was developed  as the result of our Honeycrisp being kissed by Mother Nature (hail)  these apples could have the appearance of Fancy or Extra Fancy but with dimples caused by hail or have a few more minor blemishes.  They are most likely fine for eating if you dont mind them being less than pretty and are definately fine to make that great Honeycrisp pie.

Question:  In cases how do I figure the size of an apple.
In the apple industry size is determined by how many apples will fit in a bushel box holding approximately 40lbs of apples.  Difference in sizes is the bigger the apple, less apples, smaller the apples more apples. Scale BIG 36, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 120 SMALL Counts.  If you have questions just send an email or give us a call.

Question:  I have a list of twenty people I want to send apples as a gift to.  Can I enter them in one order?
Answer:   No.  However, you can email us the list and we can enter them for you and make contact with you to determine your credit card number.  Please do not email us your credit card number.  You can also "create an account" which will save your bill to info and you can just change the ship to for each order to save time.

Question:  Where are you located and why are your apples so special?
Answer:  Most times your apples are shipped from Northern New York just South West of Plattsburg and just south of Montreal Canada.  Our warmer varities are grown and packed at our Marlboro NY facility, which is about an hour North of New York City, nestled in just below the Catskills.  Most of our apple varieties love the cold weather.  Colder the better we like to say.  We take special care to make sure that our apples are of the highest quality from being grown, stored and packed in your gift box.  Real people doing real jobs with real care.

Question:  What are your gift boxes like?
Answer:  Our apple gift boxes are a white corrugated apple gift box with a FOAM insert.  The foam insert has an individual round hole for each apple.  Some other companies use a cardboard insert, a little fake grass and a cardboard sleeve.  Just always remember you get what you pay for.

Question:  How much will the shipping cost?
Answer:   We ship our packages UPS and as your go through the order process you will be given the option of choosing several shipping options before you are asked for your credit card information.  Please look at our UPS shipping chart as we ship from NY.  You don't need overnight if you are within a 1 Day ship time.  Click here to see our shipping 101.

Question:  It is 4PM on Tuesday and I picked next day air as a shipping option will my apples arrive tomorrow?
Answer:   No.  We ship UPS and every package is packed to order.  The UPS truck usually arrives at our facility by 3-4PM and we have to get your apples from the cooler, prepare your package, print a label and have it ready.  If you call us in the afternoon in an apple emergency we will try to do what we can to help.  Usually though it would go the next business day.  PLEASE refer to "Shipping 101".

Question:  My spouse thinks I have lost it because I am obsessed with Honeycrisp.  My friends and kids seem to be too.  Will you talk to my spouse and explain that this is normal after experiencing eating Explosively Crisp Honeycrisp?
Answer:  Yes.  Have them call the number above.  Of course we will, you cant be a great customer ordering all the time unless your spouse and friends understand your addiction to Honeycrisp apples.

Question:  My local Supermarket doesn't have Honeycrisp or the quality apples that we receive from why is that? 
Answer:  They don't buy from us.  Give them our number to solve this problem.  If a Supermarket introduced to us by you starts buying our apples you will receive a reasonable amount of complimentary apples from us during that time.  Just our way of saying thank you.

Question:   Do you still have Honeycrisp apples in stock?

Answer:   Yes.  If you can click to order on our site the item is in stock.  Honeycrisp is our most popular apple and while we do sell to stores we hold back a certain amount just for our internet customers.

Question:  How can I make sure that I will have Honeycrisp apples through the winter?
Answer:    We will make sure that we save yours and will ship you your order once a month for three months.

Question:  I love Honeycrisp but can I sample another apple with it?
Answer:   Yes.  So long as you order any Extra Fancy Honeycrisp gift box or case you can in the message section of your order request that we make 1/2 any other apple we have in stock.  You can also choose a "Sampler Pack" or a "Honeycrisp Combo".

Question:  When will you run out of Honeycrisp?
Answer:  When they are gone.  Just kidding.  Last year we shipped Honeycrisp until June.  This year we hope to make it until at least April or May and possibly June.  Again utilize our fruit for three months to lock in your Honeycrisp apples.

Question:  Is my credit card secure on your site.

Answer:   YES.

Question:  Is my transaction more secure if I call you and have you enter my order?
Answer:  No.  Our office will go to our web page just like you would and enter your information.  We do not store your credit card info and actually even if we credit your card for a return only see the last four digits.  In 5 years of being online we have never had a problem with security.

Question:  I hit the back button during the processing and think my card was charged twice what do I do?
Answer:  Just call our office at 518-695-3220 and have us check on it.  If your card inadvertently got charged twice we will credit your card immediately for the error.

Question:  Do I have to create an account to order?
Answer:  No.  You can check out and just fill out your info each time.  Easiest way is upper right of your screen it says "CHECK OUT CLICK HERE"   If you create an account it will save you the time of typing out your info each time in the future. To answer the next question, no, we do not store your credit card info.  Just your name, address, email and phone number.

Question:  I Don't see anything in my basket why?
Answer:  Once you select and item and after you have entered any special request or special shipping info you must click "Click Here to Continue".

Question:  It is January and 10 below in parts of the Country and my apples arrived looking shriveled.  Did you send me rotten apples?
Answer:  Believe when I tell you we only ship apples in good condition.  Your apples were most likely frozen in shipment.

Question:  My apples arrived and the packaging is destroyed and apples are missing what should I do?
Answer:  Contact us.  We will instruct you NOT to eat the apples and to eventually just throw them out.  UPS might ask that you hold onto the apples for their inspection.  For quality control purposes we might ask you to do us a favor and take a picture and email it to us.  We will replace them.

Question:  Do you have an affiliate program?
Answer:  Yes.  Click here and see how you can earn 5% of each sale towards future purchases.  Just by linking to our site!

Question:  We are a non-profit and want to conduct a fund raiser selling apple gift boxes.  Can you set up a program to help us with that? 
Answer:  Yes.  Just contact us. Or setup as an affiliate.

Question:  Can I link to your site?
Answer:  Sure.  Please do.  Also, you can setup as an affiliate and get 5% of every order towards future purchases on our site.

Question:  Are your apples Organic?
Answer:   No.  Like most apple farmers we have a very strict spray progarm..

Frequently Asked Questions.  Frequently asked questions about our online Honeycrisp apples and more in our online apple store.
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