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Honeycrisp Apple - Happy New Year!

January 10th  Honeycrisp Don't Delay get some Honeycrisp today!  GROWN in the USA! 


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Apple Rainbow
CandyCrisp 6-12-18-25-50 Count
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Tart Apple Combo 25 Count! (sweet tart) $5 off includes Mutsu, also know as Crispen, Pink Lady a hard tart
premium, desert apple and Stayman apples and old time favorite!

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Shipping cases you run a risk of bruising not destruction by UPS. 
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Click to see the difference between Fancy & Extra Fancy Honeycrisp.
Basic rule of thumb is if your getting them to eat at home save the money and order our "Fancy". If your sending Honeycrisp as a gift we would recommend sending "Extra Fancy".  This does not determine the size of the apples or packaging!  More about appearance than anything else!   All other apples are automatically "Extra Fancy" grade.

Apple gift packs are shipped in our soft foam insert protecting apples from any bruising. If you want a larger amount a little cheaper order a case.

Northern Spy just like Mom used to have, for those who ask every year!

Some customers say that the Stayman make for the best pies, you will just have to try!

CandyCrisp Apples are pretty exclusive at this point.  100% Sugar no acid.  Wow. Do they stay hot all the way through dinner.  Only a few thousand apples exist in the World!  We started them, named them and now you can be the first to bite into one.  In taste tests consumers reported that they are a sweeter, crispier, golden.  Many times people report a distinctive pear flavor. 

We hope to ship Honeycrisp in 2012 to May or maybe even June!

If you can order it on our site it is available.

We can no longer ship to California and Arizona residents.
Remember Honeycrisp can vary in flavor. Some a little sweeter or tarter.

  OTHER APPLES VS. Honeycrisp!
Honeycrisp are the most popular apple to date. But people do like other apples too! Fortune Apples
This hard to find apple is always crisp and juicy. Remember that the best Honeycrisp are grown where it is the coldest!

Want to try something new? Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, Fuji available right now.

Again, for your eating enjoyment we also have the traditional apples that you love so much. Northern Spy, McIntosh, Stayman and Cortland are pie favorites for some people. Crispen

Many people ask about Honeycrisp for pies or baking. If you like a pie with some texture, Honeycrisp is your apple. If you want something softer use McIntosh, Cortland or Stayman or speaking of baking, the all new CandyCrisp apples are not just great to eat fresh! Make fried apples to go with your favorite pork dish. Do to its its high sugar content CandyCrisp will stay hot all through dinner.

Get your Jonagold apples fresh and in season.   We know you may have your other favorite apples such as; Cortland, Empire and McIntosh, but venture out a little and try Honeycrisp. You might want to add one of our famous Jams to your Honeycrisp order. Our Honey is packaged fresh right here in our Honey Room on the farm from the Honey in the Orchard.

On our site if you can order it - its available. Last year we had Honeycrisp till July so check back with us.

Operation Apple"Operation Apple" - Apples To Iraq or Afghanistan or to Any Military Address.

AS ALWAYS TO ANY Military Address
Thanks to ALL our Troops

We are still keeping with our program "Operation Apple". Shipping apples to our men and women in uniform. Shipping to
any Military address oversees or State Side is FREE
Thank you to our troops in harms way but also thank you to the many men and woman who serve state side. As a company, our friends and our customers pick up the tab for the shipping. When you order if you would like you can contribute to the cost of sending apples to the wonderful men and women who protect us. Sending apples to an APO? Just pick the free shipping at checkout! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our Troops and their families. Take the time and thank one today! May we never forget!  Know a military person or family that really needs a pick me up?  Contact us with their info!


Wow.  We had a great fall and now wonderful Holidays!.   We appreciate your business and hope you, your family and friends enjoy our apples. We hope you continue to do business with us in the future. As always I would like to also thank all of our wonderful people that take care of the trees, pick the fruit, store it, prepare it and ultimately put it in the box that goes to you. They do a great job and every time you tell us we tell them. Thank you as it couldn't be possible without you!
Our Family Appreciates Your Business
Here is to a Safe & Happy& Blessed 2012!
Paul & Jane Woolley

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