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We deliver truck loads, of fruit by the case, to supermarkets, wholesalers and distributors.

 started introducing the world to the Honeycrisp Apple in 1999

Buyers look to us when they are:
• Pressured for higher quality at lower cost 
• Seeking the competitive advantage of superior quality 
• Frustrated with current suppliers
• Tasked with sourcing unique and hard to find varieties 
• Interested in exclusive access to new varieties and brands

We truly provide some of the best fruit in the world.  From our new varieties such as CandyCrisp® and SnappyMac™ to the traditional McIntosh, Cortland and Gala, our apples set the bar. We’re different from the competition: 

• We started as nurserymen advising fruit growers on which varieties grow best in their particular climate and soil; therefore, we know where the best fruit is grown.
• Our orchards are strategically placed throughout Eastern New York and New England growing an abundant supply.
• We develop new varieties and partner with chain-stores for marketing agreements on varieties, trademarks and brands.

• Our online apple gift box business keeps our “finger on the pulse” of the consumers’ desires.
• We’re family owned and operated; big enough to get it done, small enough to care, guided by family values.

Check out our facebook page to see the great things were doing to promote apples & with “Operation Apple” giving apples away to our Soldiers.


Paul Woolley
Email: [email protected]

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