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Since 1999 Owned and Operated by Paul Woolley and Family.  With the support  of a great Team! (and Blessed with some very cute grandchildren)

All of our family members have played a part in our business of the last 20 years.  We hope these four will be next to take on what we have enjoyed so many years.

Gram Woolley, Grama Jordan, Jane Woolley (Wife),  Aarika (Daughter), Paul II (#1 Son), Brittany (Daughter), Megan  (Daughter-In-Law), Ryan (Son-In-Law), Carter (Grandson), Sophie (Grand  Daughter), Lily May (Grand Daughter) Grace Jane (Grand Daughter) Stacy  (Niece), Raeghan (Great Niece), and Aunt Karen Woolley Stewart &  Uncle Bruce Stewart.  Carter - Sophie - Lily - Grace - Raeghan have all been apple testers since they could eat whole food, they also create  graphics in Pepe's/Uncle Paul's office.

Providing Apples and  other fruit products direct to the consumer and wholesale fruit products to great stores.  We continue to expand our company and have grown very appreciative of all our customers support.

Our Office Location:
61 Hogsback Road
Greenwich, New York 12834

Phone: 518-695-4517
Fax: 518-695-5718
Email:  Order@Honeycrisp.com

Proud to continue to support our Program "Operation Apple" providing free  shipping to our troops and their families all around the World!