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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I talk to a real person?

Yes you can! Call our office at 518-695-4517. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message & we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to email us at any time at [email protected]

2. Can you ship apples to CA or AZ?
We are able to ship certain products to CA or AZ. Some others at this time are restricted due to state agricultural regulations. The Department of Agriculture in CA and AZ require us to keep apples in cold storage for 30-45 days before we can begin shipping them. Click here for a list of current varieties shipping CA/AZ or call 518-695-4517 (no AZ/CA orders will be shipped before October 1st, 2022)
3.  What is the difference between a Gift Box & a Case?

Our gift boxes are a white corrugated apple gift box with a soft foam insert. Each apple is nestled in an individual round hole in the foam insert.

The size of apples varies slightly in gift boxes depending on the count. Generally, the apples in a gift box would be between an 80-88-100 Size apple.

Our bushel cases are each approximately 40 pounds, the 1/2 bushel is 18-21 pounds, the 1/4 bushel is 11-12 pounds, providing a more affordable way to order apples. Each case is made of corrugated cardboard, with apples layered in either cardboard trays or cells. The inside of the case is lined with bubble wrap. This economical packaging does not provide the same protection as a gift box.

THERE IS A RISK OF BRUISING WHEN ORDERING CASES. We never pack bruised apples, but there is a risk of bruising during shipment when ordering cases. Whether the apples bruise in shipment depends on how UPS handles the box. does not provide refunds for bruised apples in cases.

4. What is the difference between Extra Fancy, Fancy Grade, and Utility Grade?

These are USDA grades. We only separate our Honeycrisp apples by Extra Fancy and Fancy Grade.

Extra Fancy is perfect in color, shape, and condition. These are the best for gifts and for those who enjoy a perfectly beautiful apple.

Fancy Grade could have a minor blemish (never broken skin), they may be lower in color or be slightly misshapen. These are great for eating at home. If you're sending apples as a gift, we recommend Extra Fancy.

Utility Grade is the grade below Fancy. Utility Grade apples could have the appearance of Fancy or Extra Fancy but with slight bruises, minor blemishes, and/or dimples caused by hail. They are fine for eating if you don't mind blemishes, and are great for cooking.

5.  What is meant by count? In cases, how do I figure the size of an apple?

In the apple industry, count is described by how many apples of one size it takes to fill a bushel box (case) holding approximately 40 lbs of apples.

For example it takes 100 "100 Count Apples" to fill a bushel box.

The higher the count, the smaller the apple. Likewise, the smaller the count, the larger the apple.

Scale of largest to smallest:

36, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 120 Larger Apples----Medium Apples----Smaller Apples
Our "Jumbo" Case generally consists of either 36-48-56 apples

The size of apples varies slightly in gift boxes depending on the count. Generally, the apples in a gift box would be between an 80-88-100 Size apple.

6. Where is your fruit grown and why are your apples so special?

Our fruit is grown and packed at our orchards here in the northeast. Our colder varieties are grown at our orchard in upstate NY, just south of Montreal and in northern Maine. Most of our warmer varieties are grown at our orchard in Marlboro, NY, about an hour north of New York City. "Grown a little colder, a whole lot better than the rest!!"

At the orchards of, we work very hard to ensure our fruit arrives at you quickly and in perfect condition. Each piece of fruit is hand-selected and packed with care at the orchard before being shipped fresh from our farm to your door.

7. I have a list of people I want to send apples to as a gift. Can I enter all of them in one order?

YES! Our website allows for multiple shipping addresses in one transaction.

You can Create an Account to save your information (we do not save any credit card information).

E-mail or call us if you have any questions


[email protected]

8. How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping varies depending on how much your order weighs and where you are shipping it to.

1. Add an item to your cart

2. Once it's added, there will be a place on the right side of the screen to put in the zip code of the shipping address then click calculate shipping.

This will show you all of your shipping options from UPS Ground to Overnight.

(Suspended due to COVID) Operation Apple - free shipping to any active military address!

Check out the UPS Shipping Map for estimated delivery times or Shipping Info for additional information.

9. How soon will my order be shipped once it is placed?

Please refer to our shipping page or individual product categories for up to date info or changes. We work quickly and efficiently at our orchards to get your order packed and shipped as quickly as possible. Every package is hand packed for each order, which does take some time. We try to have packages sent out within 1-3 days of placing your order. This is only if the fruit is ready to be shipped. At times your fruit could be in a storage not opened yet and in 2022 we have experienced some shortages of labor.

Many times we do not ship over the weekends. While some areas deliver on Saturday, UPS does not ship over the weekend, so we do not send out any orders on Saturday or Sunday.

Depending on weather and other conditions, we try to avoid having your order sit over the weekend with UPS, so we may delay sending your package until the following Monday.

Under normal conditions, excluding Holidays and preorders. Choosing overnight shipping does not necessarily mean that your order will be shipped that day. If you place an order on a Friday for overnight shipping, your order will not arrive to its destination until at least Monday. Instead, if the fruit is ready to be packed we will try to send it on Monday to arrive on Tuesday to avoid it sitting extra days with UPS over the weekend.

Make sure you specify at the time your order is placed if you would like your order to arrive on a specific date, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please understand while we do our best, at times have to wait for fruit to be ready, a new room with your apples to open and we can experience delays due to shortages of labor at the farm. We make no warranty as to when an order will ship or when it will arrive. If you have questions regarding a specific shipment please contact us.

Please refer to Shipping Info for additional up to date information and timely changes.

10. How can I add special delivery instructions for my order?

Sign up for UPS My Choice and/or get the UPS App. After your package has shipped from the farm you can add special instructions for your package, authorize a release, and even give the driver your gate code.

11. Can you supply my local supermarket with the same quality apples that you carry at
If you can add an item to your cart, then the item is in stock. Items that are out of stock will say "Season has ended."
12. How can I make sure that I will have Honeycrisp apples through the winter?

When available try our "Fruit For Months" and order your fruit for (3) months or (6) months. We will make sure to save yours, and we will ship you one box a month for 3 or 6 months.

13. Can I order more than one variety of apple in one gift box?

Yes! We have combination packages available in the Apple Mixers section of the site.

14. Do you ship fruit year-round?

Almost! Last year we shipped fruit until July. The season begins again in September.

Take advantage of Fruit for Months early in the season to lock in your fruit for 3 or 6 months!

15. Is my credit card secure on your site?

Yes! In our many years of online business, we've never had a problem with security. We do not store your credit card information.

16. Is my transaction more secure if I call you and have you enter my order?

No. We enter orders on the website the same way as our customers do. In our many years of online business, we've never had a problem with security.

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