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Mutsu Apple 18 Count Gift Box

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Mutsu Crisp Apples From The Farm To Your Door
#: Mutsu-18
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Mutsu (Crispin) apple 18 count gift box of  apples. Shipped UPS. We include any special message you would like with your Mutsu (Crispin) apple.  We use a foam gift box to make sure that you receive the best quality crisp apples!


  • Appearance: Yellowish-green skin with an orange blush; larger than parent varieties.
  • Origin: Cross between Golden Delicious and Indo varieties, developed in Japan.
  • Flavor: Moderately sweet with a juicy, creamy white flesh.
  • Texture: Firm and ideal for various culinary uses.
  • Uses: Excellent for eating fresh, making sauces, and baking.
  • Shape: Can be round, conical, or oblong with unequal sides.
  • Cultural Significance: Named after Mutsu Province in Japan.
  • Harvest Season: Ripens in late October in New York orchards.
  • Availability: Remains a favorite from late fall through early summer.
  • Storage Tips: Always refrigerate your apples.

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