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Send a message to your friends to join too!  Help us send more free apples to the Troops! 


Get your friends to "Like" our page and enter as our next drawing will be soon!  Remember shipping is always FREE to any active duty member serving anywhere in the world that we can ship to.


    2015 DRAWINGS For FREE Apples for Soldiers Serving

  • November 11th, Veterans Day, T Hicks & C Ivy were our winners for soldiers they know serving!
  • October 12th Ginny Lefeld was our winner for a soldier she knows who is serving!
  • May 18th Kristina Pedersen Kohler was our winner of our Military Spouse appreciation giveaway!
  • March 30th Allison Barne was our winner for a soldier she knows who is serving!
  • March 17th Deb Walsh was our winner for a soldier she knows who is serving!
  • February 27th Michelle Blaylock Wins for a soldier she know who is serving! 
  • February 11th Sheila Marshall Wins for a soldier she know who is serving in the Middle East!
  • January 30th Joann Debecky was our winner for a soldier she knows serving in the Middle East! 
  • January 19th Cat Hackett was our winner of apples for one of our Brave!
  • January 7th winner was Michelle Summers Witt for Siar Amir serving our Country somewhere in the Middle East!

        Thanks to the generosity of Folks in Nashville, & others in 2013/14/15 we had 36 Winners of 100 Apples each.

    2014 Winners of FREE Apples for Soldiers Serving
  • December 20th winner was Kathi Faryy for Jason
  • November 12th Veteran's Day Winner was Tracy Kembel
  • October 29th winners were Susan Fordyce for Otty Medina and Connie Cunningham for Frank Cunningham
  • October 10th winner was Barbara McCutcheon
  • March 10th winner was Tanya Connelly
  • February 10th winners, Pat Leazenby and Connie Reymann!
  • January 31st winners, Amber Jason Childers and Theresa Ann Betancourt!
       2013 Winners of FREE Apples for Soldiers Serving
  • December 31st winners, Sammie Jones and Gayle Missita!
  • December 24th winners, Joan Dubecky and Linda Lyman!
  • November 17th our winner was Jim Davis who sent his apples to Sgt Scott Gilbreath.
  • November 8th Tatjana Thomas who sent her apples to Jeff Walters.  Go Army!
  • October 10th winner was Kim Farrar who sent her apples to a combat support hospital!
  • June 10th winners were K Peterson, A. Perez,  M. Gifford
  • April 8th winners were J Dailey & Cindy Merritt
  • February 11th winners were P Granberg, T Smith, D. Rice
  • January 16th winner were P. Book, S. DeVous, J. Page

        Thanks to the generosity of some Folks in Nashville, in 2012 we had 14 Winners of 100 Apples each.

    2012 Winners of FREE Apples for Soldiers Serving
  • December 24th winners were K. Benicki, L. Rathsack, J. Childs
  • December 15th winners were H. Blackwell, J. Davis, V. Miller
  • December 10th winners were R. King, C. Johnston, M Powers, K. Stam
  • December 5th winners were L. Mullins, L. Cochran,  E. Altair, & M. Gifford
  • These drawings have been made possible by the generosity of great Folks in Nashville!

Our goal is to get 100,000 fans on Facebook with your help.  Why Help?
  • Other fun along the way.  We will along the way give special discounts and Support Our Military!
  • Each time we add 10000 new Fans we will send a free box of apples to our "Heroes" serving in Iraq or Afghanistan (anywhere in the middle east).
  • We will send an 80-100 count case free and ask that the Soldier share with their friends.

This offer is good up to at least the first 100,000 Fans. 
So just send all your friends a suggestion to add us as a friend on facebook!
Operation apple always provides our Military with free shipping, always.
Operation apple even gives away apples free when funds allow.   

Along the way we give product away free to people for just being in the right place at the right time. 
Might be facebook number, your order number.

Random acts of kindness. These are our secret surprises.

This is not a contest and no entry is required.  

Military personnel receiving free product are chosen at random and/or suggested to

At all times offers free shipping to any person active duty military so long as the product is shipped to a military address.

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