At we only pack and ship the highest quality product.
  • Apples and other food items cannot be returned to us.
  • All orders are final once they have been packed and processed for shipment (At this point your shipping label has been applied on the box and the box has been taped shut)
  • Once a product is ordered, and processed for shipment, we cannot make any exchanges.  
  • You may cancel an order only if it has not yet been processed for shipment. will always refund the total of the order with no additional fees.
  • By completing an order, the customer agrees to receive the product ordered.  All sales are final.
  • Payment with a credit card or Paypal account will be charged at the time of checkout.  This is an automatic process.
  • If we ship the wrong item or to the wrong address it is our policy to replace the product or refund your monies paid to us.
  • We make no warranty as to when the product will be shipped or when it will arrive.  Please see our shipping policies for details.
  • Shipping methods, overnight, 2nd day, 3 day select do not determine when a package will be shipper rather the mode of shipment.  Please see our shipping policies for details
  • We make no warranty or claim as to the ripeness, flavor, texture, firmness, or color of any food item we ship.  All these variables can vary by season and can depend on an individual taste or expectations.
  • We do not warranty that the product will not freeze in shipment.  We may delay shipment if we believe there is a risk of freezing in shipment.
  • If a product arrives damaged contact us and we will help you determine the next step.  If this happens, we will assist in filing a claim to the shipping company.  Upon receiving payment from the shipping company, we will refund the cost of the order for the product or ship out a new box of the product.
  • If an address needs to be changed after the product leaves our facility, UPS will charge $18 for the change plus and additional cost in shipping.   These charges will be billed to your credit card.
  • If a mistake is made in the address, you will not be presented with a shipping option at checkout.  If the order is completed without a charge for shipping, we will contact you with the cost of the shipping when we receive the order.
  • If a package is delivered that appears to have been tampered with in shipment, we advise not to consume the product.  Contact us and we will ship a replacement.
  • The UPS shipping notification may not reflect the actual weight of your product as we use a dimensional weight (saves you money on shipping)
  • All apples are sold either by volume or count, not by weight.  Any weights discussed on the site are approximated to give customers a general idea.
  • Any refunds agreed to will be made back to the credit card you used for the order and will be refunded within seventy two  hrs.

We will always work to do all we can to resolve any questions or problems in a timely fashion.

Please contact us with any questions

Phone: 518-695-4517Phone: 518-695-4517
Fax: 518-695-5718 Fax: 518-695-5718 
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