• If you need to cancel your order we will try to help you do that.  Please email us at [email protected] or call 518-695-4517.  If you order has not been processed and packed we will surely cancel your order for you and refund your funds back to your card with no charge.  However if the order is processed and packaged we may not be able to get to your package in time before being shipped.  Once a label is affixed the packaging cannot be reused.  Once on the UPS truck it is a perishable product and we cannot have it returned to us or refunded.  You may if you want at the cost of the UPS charges $20 plus shipping, have your package diverted to another recipient.  
  • It is our policy to send you the best product possible, and would never place damaged items in a shipment.
  • Apples and other food items cannot be returned to us.  If returned recipient is responsible for return shipping charges, the cost of the product, and its discarded when we receive it.
  • Once a product is ordered and shipped we cannot exchange any items for another item. 
  • Once shipped from our facility all orders are final.
  • We make no warranty as to when the product will be shipped or when it will arrive.  Please see our shipping policies for details.
  • Shipping methods such as overnight, 2nd day, 3 day select do not determine when your apples will be shipped, only what mode when shipped.  Please see our shipping policies for details.
  • We do not sell any product by weight.  The UPS shipping notification may not reflect the actual weight of your product as we use a dimensional weight (saves you money on shipping)
  • We make no warranty or claim as to how ripe or the individual flavor or any food item we ship.  Many times this can vary by season and ones individual tastes.
  • When you complete your order at checkout you have agreed to receive the product ordered and/or have us ship the product to someone for you.  All sales are final.
  • Your credit card or paypal account is charged at the time of checkout.  This is an automatic process.
  • If we ship the wrong item or to the wrong address it is our policy to replace the product or refund your monies paid to us.
  • Generally as a rule we do not ship apples that will sit over the weekend if possible. Many times we will wait till Monday to ship your apples so they arrive in the same week.
  • We do not warranty that the product will not freeze in shipment.  We may delay shipment when conditions are such at our shipping location that a product is in danger of freezing.
  • If a product is ordered but has not been shipped from our facility and you wish to cancel the order, it is our policy to do so for you and refund your money with no additional fees.
  • If your product arrives damaged or with missing contents please contact us and we will explain the next possible steps.  We will assist in reporting the claim to the shipping company and upon receiving payment from the shipping company we will refund the monies paid for the product or ship out a new box of the product.
  • If an address needs to be changed after the product leaves our facility UPS will charge $12 for the change plus and additional cost in shipping.   If we make this change for you the charges will be billed to your credit card.
  • If at checkout a mistake is made in the address resulting in no option for shipping being presented we will contact you with the cost of the shipping when we receive the order.  At that time you can determine if you would like to proceed with the order or cancel and receive a full refund.
  • It is our policy that any product received that the package appears to have been tampered with in shipment to not consume that product and contact us to replace such shipment.
  • Any refunds agreed to will be made back to the credit card you used for the order and will be refunded within 72 hrs.
  • We will always work to do all we can to resolve any questions or problems in a timely fashion.
  • If you have any questions regarding your order all us at 518-695-4517, fax 518-695-5718 or email at [email protected]
  • Each apple is different, year to year, tree to tree, depending on many factors.  We hope you enjoy yours!
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