Stayman Apples

  • Stayman apple discovered in the late 1860s by Joseph Stayman in Kansas as a redder sport of Winesap.
  • Stayman apples are known for their striking color and robust sweet-tart taste and firm & crisp texture.
  • Stayman is an all-purpose apple. Great for fall apple picking.  Let us pick them for you too.  
  • Many love to bake with Stayman, but a fresh Stayman apple is excellent for also eating out of hand.
  • Also know as Stayman/Winesap

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Origin and History: Stayman apples, rich, spicy flavor and versatility in culinary use, originated in the United States in the mid-19th century. They are believed to have been discovered as a chance seedling by Dr. Joseph Stayman in Leavenworth, Kansas, around 1866. The Stayman variety is a cross between the Winesap and an unknown apple variety, resulting in its distinctive flavor profile.

Growing Conditions: Stayman apple trees thrive in regions with temperate climates, particularly in the eastern United States, where they are commonly cultivated. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun exposure for optimal growth and fruit production. Stayman trees may require some maintenance, including pruning and disease management, to ensure healthy growth and abundant yields.

Tree Characteristics: Stayman apple trees are known for their moderate growth and relatively large size compared to other apple tree varieties. They have a spreading growth habit and can be productive, although proper pruning may be necessary to maintain fruiting efficiency. The trees are generally hardy but may benefit from protection against late frosts in some regions.

Physical Appearance: Stayman apples are medium to large-sized fruits with a round to slightly oblong shape. Their skin showcases a greenish-yellow base covered with a deep red blush, often with distinctive russeting or small patches of brown. Their appearance is visually striking, with a combination of colors that signals ripeness and flavor intensity.

Flavor and Aroma Profile: Stayman apples are prized for their complex, tangy-sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness and a rich, wine-like taste. They offer a firm, crisp texture and a juicy flesh that holds its shape well when cooked. The aroma is aromatic and mildly fragrant, adding depth to the overall sensory experience.

Harvesting and Storage: The picking of Stayman apples typically occurs in the fall, usually from October to November, depending on the specific growing region and climate. Proper storage in cool, humid conditions, such as refrigeration or controlled atmosphere storage, allowing your apples to maintain their quality for several months. Regular monitoring for signs of decay or spoilage is essential to ensure optimal shelf life.

Versatility in Culinary Use: Highly versatile and excel in various culinary applications, especially in baking and cooking. They are favored for making pies, applesauce, cider, and other cooked dishes due to their robust flavor and ability to retain texture. Their unique taste adds depth and complexity to both sweet and savory recipes, making them a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.

Nutritional Value: Stayman apples offer nutritional benefits, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. They are a good source of vitamin C and contain other essential nutrients beneficial for overall health. Incorporating Stayman apples into a balanced diet can contribute to improved well-being and nutrition.

Market Presence and Availability: Stayman apples, while not as widely available as some commercial varieties, can be found in farmers' markets, orchards specializing in heirloom fruits, or through local growers who appreciate heritage apple varieties. For the utmost convenience and freshness, ordering Stayman apples from ensures that they are shipped directly "From The Farm To Your Door," preserving their quality and flavor throughout the journey.

Popularity and Recognition: Stayman apples have gained recognition among apple enthusiasts and individuals interested in heirloom fruits for their distinctive flavor profile and culinary versatility. They hold a special place in culinary traditions for their excellent cooking qualities and rich taste, earning admiration from those who appreciate the unique attributes of heritage apple varieties.

In summary, Stayman apples from offer a taste of tradition and quality, embodying the rich heritage and culinary potential of this classic apple variety. Whether enjoyed fresh, baked into pies, or transformed into cider, Stayman apples deliver a memorable taste experience that celebrates the best of autumn's bounty, straight from the orchard to your doorstep.


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