The Cortland apple is a great old time favorite!  This beautiful, snow-white apple is the very best for salad or a fresh fruit cup.

Did you know?
  • Cortland apples are wonderful for salads, fruit plates and garnishes because they don't turn brown quickly when cut
  • Cortland apples are juicy with a sweet taste, just a touch of tartness and a snowy white flesh
  • Cortland apples originated at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1898, not too far from where we grow them today!

Here is some of the wonderful feedback that we've received this season about our Cortland apples:

"We received our box of Cortland apples and are never disappointed!! We have shared with our family and were sure to tell them where we ordered them from!! Thank you for the prompt service and shipment! "
Peggy - Winnsboro, SC

"Our Cortland apples arrived Friday afternoon and we found them to be outstanding! Thanks!"
Richard - Centennial, CO