McIntosh Apples Blog

The Most Popular Apple in the northeastern U.S. & Eastern Canada. It's the Mac! 

Did you know?
  • John McIntosh discovered the McIntosh apple as a chance seedling in 1811 on his orchard in Ontario, but he was a native of Mohawk Valley in NY.  
  • His children first called it "Granny's Apple" as they often saw their grandmother taking care of the tree in the orchard.
  • The McIntosh is a great all-purpose apple.  It can be eaten fresh, used in pies, or for sauce.
  • McIntosh apples are aromatic, juicy, sweet and tangy-tart. McIntosh has a tender white flesh and its skin has a deep red finish that sometimes carries a green blush.
As our Grandma Jordan says, "That new apple is nice, but I need a bushel of Macs!"

Here is some of the wonderful feedback that we've received this season about our NY fresh McIntosh apples:

"Dear sweet Mary and I received our box of 100 McIntosh Apples this afternoon.  We were so excited!  We opened them up immediately and Mary started peeling and I started eating.  Paul, the apples are beautiful and we can tell they were packed by someone who cared.  Not a bruise and they were shining as if they had been polished.  Can't say enough good things about your product.  I believe this is the third year we have ordered.  The grocery stores just don't stock many, and we buy some there until they are out.  They are nothing like yours.  Mary is going to try making some sauce with the peelings on as you suggested.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all at Honeycrisp farms.  Keep up the good work."
Earl & Mary - Springfield, Missouri

"I just wanted to let you know that I  just received my McIntosh and they are perfectly boxed with no damage.  I am so impressed with your company. On time delivery and great fruit.  I will continue to use you in the future and will definitely recommend you to all my friends and associates.  Thank you again and kudos to your employees."
Lynette - Sarasota, Florida