The Zestar apple has zesty flavor and a great crunch!

Did you know?
  • The Zestar Apple originated in 1998 at the University of Minnesota
  • It has a sprightly, sweet/tart taste with a hint of brown sugar
  • The sweet & spicy flavor of the Zestar apple makes it excellent for snacking, baking pies, and sauces 

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Zestar! apple   Genus  Malus   Species Malus domestica
Hybrid parentage State Fair & MN 1691
Cultivar Minnewashta
Origin USA, University of Minnesota, 1999

The Zestar! apple (trade mark) or Minnewashta (cultivar) is an apple cultivar released in 1999. It was developed by the horticulturalists at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's Horticultural Resource Center, at the University of Minnesota.[1]
The Minnewashta apple is known for its earlier ripening season, ripening in late August through September, marking an earlier start to the apple growing season in Minnesota.[2] The Minnewasheta trees were subject to cold climate testing in laboratories to ensure that the fruit is capable of growing in northern climates.