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Winesap Apple
Winesap Apple

Winesap Apple 50 Count Gift Box

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50 Winesap apples
#: Winesap-50
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Introduction to Winesap Apples

Winesap apples, known for their distinctive rich flavor and firm texture, are a cherished variety in the apple community. With their deep red color and spicy, slightly tart taste, they have been a favorite for generations. 

Honeycrisp.com: Quality at Its Core

Honeycrisp.com specializes in delivering premium, farm-fresh apples directly to consumers. Their Winesap apples are handpicked to ensure the highest quality, capturing the essence of this storied apple variety in every bite.

Exploring the Gift Box

Packaging Insights

The gift box from Honeycrisp.com is designed to protect and preserve the Winesap apples during their journey, ensuring they arrive in great condition.

What’s Inside?

Each box contains awesome farm fresh crisp Winesap apples, known for their perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors and a satisfyingly crisp texture.

The Unique Flavor of Winesap

Taste Profile

Winesap apples are celebrated for their spicy, wine-like taste which makes them stand out from other apple varieties, offering a unique culinary experience. The amount of sun, rain, cool nights, and time of harvest all play into what you will finally experience.

Culinary Uses

These apples are versatile in the kitchen, ideal for baking a pie, making apple crisp, cooking, or eating fresh, thanks to their robust flavor and firm flesh.

Pairing with Foods

Winesap apples pair wonderfully with a variety of foods, including cheeses, wines, and meats, enhancing flavors and creating gourmet experiences.

From Orchard to Home

Harvesting Process

At the orchard, we have a careful process of harvesting Winesap apples at peak ripeness to ensure the best flavor and quality that Honeycrisp.com delivers.

Logistics and Freshness

Honeycrisp.com’s efficient logistics ensure that the apples remain fresh from the orchard to your doorstep (apples near me), preserving all we can of their crispness and flavor as they make the journey from the farm to your door. UPS is our partner in getting the apples' final journey completed.

Storing and Enjoying Your Apples

Storage Tips

Properly store your Winesap apples to maintain their freshness and extend their shelf life upon arrival. In your refrigerator is the best option.

Cooking with Winesap Apples

Recipe Ideas

Explore delicious recipes that highlight the distinct taste of Winesap apples, from classic pies to innovative savory dishes. Come see some great ideas on the Honeycrisp.com blog.

Winesap Apples in a Gift Box

Unboxing the Experience

Opening the gift box of Winesap apples from Honeycrisp.com is like unveiling a treasure trove of flavors, each apple a testament to quality and taste.

Quality Assurance

Honeycrisp.com does our best to ensure that every Winesap apple in their gift box meets strict standards of quality and freshness.

Innovations in Apple Cultivation

Our orchards take innovative approaches to cultivate Winesap apples, ensuring top-quality fruit with every harvest.


Winesap apples from Honeycrisp.com represent a perfect blend of history, flavor, and quality. Each gift box is a journey into the world of apples, where tradition meets modern convenience, and every bite tells a story. By choosing Honeycrisp.com, you're not just buying apples; you're experiencing a piece of apple heritage, delivered fresh to your door.

If you have any other questions or requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Email [email protected] or call 518-695-4517.

We look forward to delivering delicious apples to you or your lucky recipient!

“From The Farm To Your Door”

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